I am so excited you have decided to book a session with me! I cannot wait to start planning this session with you. One of the most challenging parts of the planning process is working out what to wear. It may seem a little stressful, but with this guide I hope to help you find the perfect outfits. Please scroll below to see ideas!


Coordinating is in, matching is out! The days of matching white t-shirts and blue jeans have come and gone. Each member of your family has their own personality...let that shine through with their own unique clothing that doesn't match everyone else. We can find ways to combine different colours, patterns, textures and styles, all while blending together beautifully. Start with one outfit that you love (usually yours or one of you child/children) and base the rest off that. Tie in colours of the other outfits with accessories lit shoes, hair bows, patterns on clothing etc. 


Choosing a colour palette for your outfits can be challenging. Some people know certain colours they want to use, or already have a key piece that they want to use and start shopping based on those colours. It's completely up to you! When you have worked out what direction you want to go in, pick a few colours to play with. In this case, Mum started with her outfit and chose the colour palette based around that. She went with the neutral tone of her dress and added the pink and navy to add depth. Patterns on clothing is fine, as long as they aren't on every outfit. She chose lighter pastel colours as she knew she was using the beach as a location, but these colour would also work perfectly with greener or other golden backdrops. When in doubt, neutrals can be so much easier to work with. Shades of white, creams, tan, beige work so we together.


This is one of the best ways to really add some character to your outfits. Skip the plain solid colours and try out some patterns. You could mix them up with animals, strips, florals etc. You don't all have to wear patterns, but it is super fun to add in a couple of patterns to mix it up. Of course if you prefer plain, solid colours are perfect also. 


Happy colours in photos makes me happy! But neutrals also look amazing. It is completely up to you and your style as to which way you go, there is no wrong. One thing to keep in mind though is to avoid neon colours, anything too vivid or neon will cast colours on to everything. 


There is something so whimsical about a flowy dress in photos. I always highly recommend that Mum wears a dress or flowing skirt because is just adds so much to photos. Choose something that is comfortable to wear, and isn't too low cut as I usually do lots of sitting and poses with lots of movement. For this part I've added two examples, one where neutrals was chosen and another where patterns and deeper colours were used.


If your a jeans or jumpsuit kinda person, then go right ahead! I love jeans and jumpsuits, and they can provide a really cool funky vibe. Paring them with patterns or solid colours looks awesome! This kind of clothing works particularly well if your having your session done in your home.

Don't forget to ask about my client wardrobe, I have some gorgeous dresses available for you to wear.

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