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Our stunning tall timber boxes now come with a beautiful clear sliding lid. Available in rustic, natural, blondie and white wash colours. Perfect for those who love a lighter, brighter look and style. Unlike our rustic and blondie timber + USB boxes with a normal timber lid, we have decided to keep the USB partition out of these to keep them looking clean and simple, however, they are the same size so you can still slip your matching usb in there. Ribbon and engraving can be added on via a seperate listing. Boxes can hold upto 120 standard prints.


Please note - lids are made from acrylic which is likely to scratch easily. Everything possible will be done on our end to avoid scratches and marks. Lids can not be remade for boxes as they are made individually to each box. 


Our natural boxes come in several shades of colours. We cannot control what we receive in our orders. The natural box will include a blonde usb, as we don't have the natural timber usb.

Tall Timber Print + USB Box with Clear Sliding Lid

GST Included
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